Road Condition

Date - 6th July 2018 (3.28 PM)


Temporary restoration along Tashiding road. However, the machine are being kept on standby since the area is very much slip prone.

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Date - 27th June 2018 (7.03 am) Formation of Legship Tashiding road has been totally washed out
at Magasine Dhara. It shall take at least a month to make the road trafficable. Commuters traveling to Gangtok may take diversion via Legship-Geyzing-Yuksom-Tashiding road. Inconvenience is highly regretted.
For kind information from R&B Department Rabong. 


 Click here for Alternative Route - diversion via Legship-Geyzing-Yuksom-Tashiding road.


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